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Assisting Organisations to move from the Industrial Age to the Connected Age

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Imagine everybody working together towards a collective goal.

Imagine decisions being made where and when they are needed.

Imagine harnessing your organisation’s brain power, artificial intelligence and digitalisation.

Imagine how using brain science you can unleash your organisation’s creativity and innovation.

Imagine the competitive power of being connected to and benefitting from the Circular Economy.

We can assist you to turn this - from Imagination - into Your Organisational Reality

Collaborative Networks for Future Proofing Organisations

The Shape for Connected Business and Organisations

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Moving from the Industrial Age to the Connected Age

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Traditional Linear Processes

This graphic represents the traditional Value Chain and the tendency for ‘silos’ to develop at each stage.

One way of reducing the negative aspects of such a situation is to design clear processes that string them together and endeavour to cross the respective boundaries. Unfortunately, the processes tend to be predominantly linear in design and as such reinforce the silo mind-set.

Equally, each ‘silo’ has its own hierarchy of roles and people; often with a lot of duplication of activities.

In essence, the whole situation is based on ‘Industrial Age’ thinking where people are not trusted and are managed like machines.

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moving from Silos working at different speeds

with their own priorities

to Collaborative Networks

and Future Proofing

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Collaborative Network

In an age of increasing technological innovation and connectivity there is a lot of pressure on organisations to be very quick and flexible in their approach to business.

Traditional hierarchical and linear organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the new demands, particularly speed of decision making and process changes.

The use of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and the Circular Economy places further pressure on traditional organisational designs and processes.

Most organisations survive and thrive on informal internal networks that bypass formal processes when it is necessary to meet specific challenges.

The concept of a Collaborative Network uses this known age-old practice and formalises it in a specific way. This provides the organisation with a combination of fluidity and responsiveness that changes the whole concept of organisational design.

If you want to know more about this innovative and successful approach, contact us for a meeting.

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Whilst traditional courses and development programmes struggle to meet the demands of the post-industrial age

We are different

Our unique world class business transition programme is designed specifically with you and for your organisation

Our development programmes have one main aim

to assist organisations achieve exceptional performance in the connected world

We help you focus on the connected world

A new age and a new way of thinking and doing

Our Way of Working with You

The MRC Way

Our approach is totally ‘Client-Centred’

With our support:

You work on actual business situations

You use methods that are designed to empower you

You identify your own solutions and develop sustainability

Your whole organisation is involved and empowered

Client Benefits

Collaborative Network across the whole business

The whole business is energised and engaged

Responsiveness and flexibility in all business areas

A unique DNA for your successful business culture

Technology and people work together in harmony

Right decisions, Right time, Right location

Moving from linear processes connecting silos - to networks served by conduits of collaboration

Benefit from the change now.

Contact us for our Consulting, Training and Coaching services

Management Resource Centre
The People Side of Business & Strategy
Consulting - Training - Coaching

Who are we?

The Management Resource Centre (MRC) is a professional group of experienced consultants, trainers and facilitators. The MRC was formed by Dr Reg Butterfield in London, England in 1992 and moved its head office to Vienna, Austria in 1997. Vienna is an excellent strategic location and we serve customers around the world.

All members of the MRC have been, or still are, in senior management positions in a range of businesses including private, public and not-for-profit organisations. All have very high academic attainment, professional credibility and extensive experience.

Since its inception the MRC has developed a strong international pool of colleagues who are able to cover all aspects of business life ranging from Finance, Sales, Production, Quality, Organisational Development, Organisational Change, Environmental Issues, mergers and acquisitions, and more …

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Dr. Reg Butterfield looks forward to working with you

What do we do?

It is important that organisations of today are designed and operate in ways that are future-proof and beyond the industrial-age traditionalist approach and mind-set.

The Management Resource Centre is dedicated to supporting organisations and their people to achieve exceptional performance in a rapidly changing operating environment.

We do this by working with the leadership at all levels within an organisation to improve the way that their organisations are structured and operate.

At the same time we help all of their people discover, enhance, and use their latent talents and abilities at both the individual, team and organisational level.

The outcome of working with the MRC is that our clients set and achieve impressive corporate and personal goals and objectives.

We support and empower our clients at all stages of their development using powerful yet simple methodologies that the clients can continue to use once we have left.

Re-energise your organisation through impressive performance

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